what if a chipmunk ate your pants?

now that i've got your undying attention, welcome to my blog! to be frank, i'm VERY surprised ANYONE is really reading this. but if you are (whoever you are) thatnx for reading!!! leave a comment so i know if its sucky or not!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


 Ok, so yesterday, i was bein' lil' ole me, walking ever so cool-like to my locker, and BOOM! My middle school sweetheart appears at my side. '' Can I talk to you for a minute?'' he says. By this time I'm panicking. 'Is this it? Is he gonna go and leave me?' But i was wrong! So there we were, all alone in the sixth grade hallway, both our faces red from the slight ackwardness, and he pulls out a beautiful silver ring with a faux diamond and hands it to me! ''Cameron, it's gorgeous!'' I say as i throw my arms around him.
  Now, the ring lies on my left hand on my middle finger (the one it fits on best), looking gorgeous, and ever so romantic....
  Now doesn't that story kick butt?! That hopelessness i told ya'll 'bout is as good as GONE (for now)!!!!!!!!!
 Sigh... and I still feel all glowy from this little ''event'' (despite how sick i am)...........

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Well, poop.

Ok, so have yall ever played one of those super mario games? (with this generation, of course you have) Yunno when your yunno, runnin' along, bouncin' or whatever on bad guys, and then BOOM, you've lost your last life, and your just sitting there with your mouth gaping open and just goin '' buh-.... wait..... I.... huh?!''
            Yep. i totally just lost my last life. And all thats left is me sitting there, mouth hanging open, stunned out of my mind.
           Oh, yeah.
   And then, after your over the initial shock, you start flipping OUT on the T.V. Yeah, I'm sooooo beyond that point, so, after the shock, what am i supposed to expect. I just don'y know. story of my life, am I right? I'm totally right...
    Anyways, my mental well being is a video game, and i totally lost my last life.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Times are hard.

just look at the song 'For The First Time' by the Script. Or the Movie 'The Pursuit of Happiness' (not this time period, but same concept)

 My great grandparents (the cutest couple you've ever seen) have spent ALL their livesavings. Now riddle me this. How can ALL their money be gone? They spent it on their food. Yes, they had so little, they burned through everything on basic survival needs. Now what do they do now? We don't know. My great grandfather is a man of god, if someone from church needs help, he'll help them to his expense. and i know there will be a special place in heaven for Mamaw and Papaw Great.

 My Mamaw and Papaw have no money either. theres almost no food in the house. Mamaw has a foot injury, and they barely scraped enough together to buy medicine. And you know my great grandparents whom i just told you 'bout? they share their government-given meals with them. They share medication with each other to save at the pharmacy.

  Now why in god's name, can't i share with them, my measly $230.00 just sitting in the bank, awaiting my use? Why can't i help them with their basic needs instead of saving for a stupid car i wont need for a couple more years, anyway?!
  I feel horrible for these things.

Times are hard.

Monday, August 1, 2011

the new BEST. DREAM. EVER.

OH MY GOODNESS AND SUGAR AND SPICE AND EVERYTHING NICE, THIS DREAM KICKED BUTTT. oh jeeez, ive spent THREE HOURS reliving this.. this... peice of heaven! oh wow! i'm so happy, yet so sad, because my dream seems so vague now. but it was just... aamazing. of course yall know i cant tell you what it is! i mean, it is so......

personal, i guess.
i mean, its not bad or creeepin or anything, just personal.

but oh my goodness, it was great.

im totally gonna go relive it. again.

make peace.

have love.

dream on!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

musical detox

well, the time has risen. *sounds trumpets* MUUUUUUUSSSSSSSIIIICCCCC DEEEEEEEETTTTTTTOOOOOOOOOXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!! do yall know what that means? i don't really know how to describe it.... well basically, i'm not gonna listen to my usual screamo/metal music (for now) but instead gonna listen to my Nevershoutnever, Plug In Stereo, and The Ready Set. that's the kinda positive jamz this gurrl needs ;) so, yeah. this stuff is really great! in most of the songs, it's just acoustic guituars playin the music (but thats just fine by me). trading in my electric guitars for acoustic ones. huge, scar guys for adorable, stick thin boys with messages of peace on their tattoos instead of flaming skulls and naked chicks. not a bad trade, dontcha think? yepp. now im listening to Nevershoutnever's song 'trampoline' and feeling especially proud of myself :)
 Yunno what? imma start out this school year as positive as physically possible. yeah. imma hug kaleb and ask him how his summer was. imma tell joey he doesnt remid me of a primate, and i'm gonna tell amy i love her skirts and maggie that her hair is to-die-for. cuz all of these things are the right thing to do. and they'll not make me feel better in the long run, but it'll make them feel good. and thats what matters. your a good person when your kind to someone not so you'll feel better, but so they will. and that, my friends, is what i'm aiming for.

make peace.

have love.

don't get tattoos of naked ladies and flaming skulls of death (please).

Thursday, July 28, 2011

lousy shut in!

i've been on the computer for hours! what is wrong with me?! i need to partay. soon. or i'm gonna become a loner freak who sends death threats to random people! i will partay, and it will be soon! uggghhh, on the brightside though, i have tons of time to think1 see, i'm using that 'on the brightside' method i told ya'll bout'! it's actually very good! stuff works.....
 anyways, i need to partay, and soon at that so, imma go pla a partay ;)

make peace.

have love.

keeep on lookin at the brightside